Friday, May 12, 2017


The parking lot across from May's was nearly full by the time J&J opened at 8am Friday, and by mid-morning, the shoppers who had conquered J&J began to take over Brimfield's every nook and cranny. Someone told us that the usual 10-12 minute trip from 84 to the heart of town took them 2 hours! The massive amount of customers meant that we stayed open until 6:30pm - an 11 hour day - and had very solid results on what is normally a slower day for us.
Saturday will be our last day in Space 36 of Hertan's Field in Brimfield for May of 2017. We normally stay right through Sunday afternoon, but the combination of a wet weather forecast and it being Mother's Day makes it prudent for us to shut things down a day early, and we expect a great majority of our fellow dealers will do the same thing; I think Brimfield will be a relative ghost town come Sunday. We intend to open by 7am Saturday, and will stay fully open as long as the weather allows.

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