Monday, September 19, 2016


We've got a LOT of stuff taking up space in storage, so this Saturday 9/24, we are going to have a $10 / $5 yard sale at our home in Billerica. Here are the details: the sale will begin at 8:00am Saturday 9/24 and EVERY ITEM will be bargain-priced at $10 - no more, no less. At NOON, ALL items will then be reduced to FIVE dollars each, and we will add some more items to the sale until it ends around 2pm. Check out pics and get the address by clicking HERE for our Craigslist post!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


We slept in a bit on Sunday, and fortunately so did the customers, as when we opened around 8:45 in Space 36 of Hertan's Field there were not too many folks who had beaten us to the parking lot. Things picked up rather quickly, however, and by the time the expected thunderstorms hit around 9:30 we had a tent full of shoppers. The rain continued until just after 10, forcing us to close our tent (which stayed totally dry inside - a big thanks to our new supplier Sturdy Tents in Brimfield), but once the rain subsided, all the folks who had arrived during the storm emerged from their cars, swarmed the fields, and began parting with their foldin' money. As a result, we rebounded from a disappointing Saturday to have an unexpectedly good Sunday.. and got packed up and made it home just in time for the Patriots' kickoff!
We would like to once again thank the folks at Sturdy Tents for impressing us right out of the gate, U-Haul of Wilmington for our excellent Ford Transit van, and of course David, Jerry, Roger, Mike, Scott, and all the rest of the folks who make us glad we set up at Hertan's Field! We fully intend and expect to return to Brimfield and Hertan's (and hopefully Space 36) next May! 

Saturday, September 10, 2016


A brief mid-morning downpour did little to dissuade Saturday's burgeoning crowd from making their appointed rounds, and Hertan's Field got more and more crowded with shoppers as the day turned from cloudy and wet to just about perfect. We arrived early, stayed late, and made a lot of smaller sales, but unfortunately didn't have that one big sale that can turn an ok day into a great one.
Sunday is our last day in Space 36 of Hertan's Field, and since the morning forecast is not an especially good one, and we don't anticipate a lot of early birds, we are going to delay our opening until 9am. As Sunday is also the final day, we intend to be fully open into mid-afternoon, and to remain open well into the evening hours as we pack up. We will also not have any ephemera items available on Sunday. 

Friday, September 9, 2016


 Brimfield saw fog and clouds early Friday morning, but things quickly turned warm and sunny, with temps soaring to near 90 degrees before the day was out, hot yet tolerable thanks to a steady breeze. Hertan's started to fill with the post-J&J crowd by mid-morning, and it stayed fairly busy until about 4pm, when we decided to close. It felt like we sold a little something from every category today: milk glass, an antique typewriter, a WWII poster, a Syroco eagle mirror, even an old metal Schlitz cooler. And after all was said and done, today turned out to be our BEST Friday EVER (I think)!
 On Saturday there is a small chance of rain occurring mid-afternoon, but it should turn out to be a good morning and early afternoon for shopping, so we encourage folks to get there early. We will be open in Space 36 of Hertan's Field by 8am and will stay open until at least 4pm unless the weather dictates otherwise. Due to that chance of rain, we have already removed the fine art paintings from our tent, but will still have ephemera (maps, posters, framed prints) available throughout the day. Looking ahead, Sunday morning also calls for a chance of rain, so we may open a bit later than 8, but we will be certainly there all afternoon selling... and packing... and selling... and packing...

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Thursday in Brimfield turned out to be an excellent day to shop, sell, make new friends, and say hello to some old ones. We got there by 8am, and once again, the pre-May's crowd did not disappoint, leading to a couple of very nice sales in the hour before May's opened, making for a good start to what turned out to be a very strong day.  We also did well with our first-time offering of ephemera, and will be adding a couple of new pieces to our inventory on Friday. We'll be back in our big white tent in Space 36 of Hertan's Field before 8am tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


On Wednesday at Brimfield, the opening day for those of us in Hertan's Field, stubborn remnants of Hermine took us to the "Edge Of Wetness", as we saw off-and-on spitting drizzle until mid-afternoon, when sun and blue skies finally warmed the fields. The slightly moist weather did not seem to deter the shoppers from coming out, thankfully, and so we were able to have a decent day of sales even with subpar traipsing conditions. 
Thursday is supposed to be a really nice day, and we WILL be offering ephemera, paintings, and prints when we open for business at around 8am in Space 36 of Hertan's Field... unless there is an unexpected sequel to the classic Johnny Carson soap... 

Friday, September 2, 2016


We are excited to once again be located in the FRONT ROW, SPACE 36 of Hertan's Field for this September's Brimfield Antique Shows. (click on the link for a map of the field.) Hertan's opens at NOON SHARP on Wednesday, September 7th, and we will be there every day from about 8am until 4pm, right through the end of the show on Sunday, September 11th. We will have tons of advertising, including tin, metal, and porcelain signs, bar mirrors, tobacco tins, metal and wooden crates and boxes, and country store artifacts, along with Brimfield's best selection of milk glass, petroliana, automobilia, home furnishings, several old typewriters, numerous mirrors, and our first-ever ephemera section (weather permitting), featuring WWI and WW2 posters, fine art and paintings, maps, and lots of framed posters and prints. Look below for several sneak previews of what we'll be bringing!