Saturday, May 13, 2017


We got to Brimfield bright and early on Saturday to discover that the shoppers had decided to sleep in a bit, but by mid-morning, the parking lots and fields were filling up quickly. We got extremely lucky that the rainy weather approaching our area was in a very slow-moving front that decided to hang out west of Route 91 for quite some time, and we did not see any raindrops until around 4pm, so that led to another very strong day of sales. In sum, after a somewhat disappointing opening day, we had solid performances Thursday through Saturday, and are pleased with how we did. I'd say that the Wednesday and Saturday crowds were about average, and that the Thursday and Friday crowds were the biggest we've seen in our short Brimfield career.
Our thanks as always go out to David, Jerry, Roger, and all of the folks at Hertan's Field who, in our opinion, run the best show and the tightest ship in Brimfield. Thanks as well to the Sturtevants and Sturdy Tents for our terrific blue-and-white tent, and Juan at U-Haul Moving & Storage in Wilmington for our rental van. We are not yet sure whether we will be doing Brimfield in September, but we do anticipate making a couple of appearances at the Hollis Flea Market this summer, so check back here or on our Facebook page to find out when!
Also, on the off chance that the folks who bought the old metal toy car we were offering happen to read this, please get in contact with us at lovequistantiques (at) outlook (dot) com, as we have something for you guys that was in the box I failed to give you...

Friday, May 12, 2017


The parking lot across from May's was nearly full by the time J&J opened at 8am Friday, and by mid-morning, the shoppers who had conquered J&J began to take over Brimfield's every nook and cranny. Someone told us that the usual 10-12 minute trip from 84 to the heart of town took them 2 hours! The massive amount of customers meant that we stayed open until 6:30pm - an 11 hour day - and had very solid results on what is normally a slower day for us.
Saturday will be our last day in Space 36 of Hertan's Field in Brimfield for May of 2017. We normally stay right through Sunday afternoon, but the combination of a wet weather forecast and it being Mother's Day makes it prudent for us to shut things down a day early, and we expect a great majority of our fellow dealers will do the same thing; I think Brimfield will be a relative ghost town come Sunday. We intend to open by 7am Saturday, and will stay fully open as long as the weather allows.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Another impressive turnout led to a very strong day of sales in Brimfield today! One customer bought both the Beacon Penn sign featured in our sneak previews AND the terrific 1952 Robinson Coca-Cola sign we had, another went home with about a dozen great pieces of milk glass, and several other significant sales helped make up for a less-than-stellar opening day and made this one of our best Thursdays ever!
The fall-like weather pattern is supposed to continue into Friday, and we expect to be open well before 8am and stay until about 5pm. On Saturday, we should be open by 730am and hope to get a full day of sales in before the forecast rain puts a damper on things. Because of the expected Mother's Day washout, WE WILL NOT BE IN BRIMFIELD ON SUNDAY, and per the conversations I have had, we fully expect the vast majority of dealers to be leaving on Saturday as well, so we once again urge weekenders to come on Saturday, and come EARLY, to make the most of the day, and we hope that you'll stop by our tent in Space 36 of Hertan's Field while you're in town! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The crowds that swarmed Brimfield yesterday returned in force today, as Hertan's Field was packed with shoppers when the opening bell rang at noon, and things didn't slow down until well into the 4 o'clock hour. We were certainly busy, saw a lot of old friends, and sold a lot of smaller items, but didn't have any of those big sales that turn a good day into a great one. 
We expect to be open for business well before 8am on Thursday, so be one of the kool kids and stop on by our blue and white striped tent in space 36 of Hertan's Field before you head across to May's for their 9am kickoff. We also plan to be open before 8am on Friday morning, and should open just as early on Saturday as well. Our plans for Sunday are currently in the hands of Mother Nature, and we may choose to close down on Saturday if Sunday's forecast is not promising. We will of course keep you updated right here!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Lovequist Antiques will once again be in our traditional FRONT ROW location in SPACE 36 of Hertan's Field when it opens for business at NOON SHARP on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017. We'll be there in our big white and blue striped tent EVERY day of the show, from the opening bell at noon on Wednesday right through Sunday afternoon! During the week, we recommend parking in the lot across the street from the entrance to May's, as it is located right next to Hertan's and is closest to all the major shows. On the weekend, you can also use Shady Lane Parking in the back of Hertan's Field. We'll have daily updates right here Wednesday through Sunday!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


We will have STACKS of advertising crates (and milk crates, and antique wooden boxes, and metal crates, you name it) to choose from when our tent in SPACE 36 of Hertan's Field opens at NOON on Wednesday, May 10th. Check out a few examples below!

Friday, May 5, 2017


We will have dozens of new pieces of milk glass available next week! We bought a couple of sizable collections over the winter, and we're bringing it all to Brimfield, continuing our reputation of having the MOST milk glass of any Brimfield vendor! Pitchers, vases, cake displays, relish trays, and maybe even a butter dish will all be under our tent in Space 36 of Hertan's Field starting Wednesday at NOON.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


We've got so many great old mirrors this year that we're not quite sure how they are all going to fit into our tent! From an antique silver hand-held Danish mirror, to several tabletop brass examples and (as always) a couple of full-sized Syroco Eagle mirrors, we may well have more mirrors for sale than anyone else in Brimfield! Find these and more in SPACE 36 of Hertan's Field starting on Wednesday, May 10th! 

Monday, May 1, 2017


We'll have a tremendous variety of advertising pieces up for grabs when Hertan's Field opens on Wednesday, May 10th at NOON. You'll find numerous tobacco tins, wood and metal crates, tin and porcelain signs, beverage trays, and even a beautiful mid-century Coca-Cola sign in our tent in SPACE 36, right along Route 20 in the FRONT ROW of Hertan's!