Saturday, May 13, 2017


We got to Brimfield bright and early on Saturday to discover that the shoppers had decided to sleep in a bit, but by mid-morning, the parking lots and fields were filling up quickly. We got extremely lucky that the rainy weather approaching our area was in a very slow-moving front that decided to hang out west of Route 91 for quite some time, and we did not see any raindrops until around 4pm, so that led to another very strong day of sales. In sum, after a somewhat disappointing opening day, we had solid performances Thursday through Saturday, and are pleased with how we did. I'd say that the Wednesday and Saturday crowds were about average, and that the Thursday and Friday crowds were the biggest we've seen in our short Brimfield career.
Our thanks as always go out to David, Jerry, Roger, and all of the folks at Hertan's Field who, in our opinion, run the best show and the tightest ship in Brimfield. Thanks as well to the Sturtevants and Sturdy Tents for our terrific blue-and-white tent, and Juan at U-Haul Moving & Storage in Wilmington for our rental van. We are not yet sure whether we will be doing Brimfield in September, but we do anticipate making a couple of appearances at the Hollis Flea Market this summer, so check back here or on our Facebook page to find out when!
Also, on the off chance that the folks who bought the old metal toy car we were offering happen to read this, please get in contact with us at lovequistantiques (at) outlook (dot) com, as we have something for you guys that was in the box I failed to give you...

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