Friday, September 2, 2016


We are excited to once again be located in the FRONT ROW, SPACE 36 of Hertan's Field for this September's Brimfield Antique Shows. (click on the link for a map of the field.) Hertan's opens at NOON SHARP on Wednesday, September 7th, and we will be there every day from about 8am until 4pm, right through the end of the show on Sunday, September 11th. We will have tons of advertising, including tin, metal, and porcelain signs, bar mirrors, tobacco tins, metal and wooden crates and boxes, and country store artifacts, along with Brimfield's best selection of milk glass, petroliana, automobilia, home furnishings, several old typewriters, numerous mirrors, and our first-ever ephemera section (weather permitting), featuring WWI and WW2 posters, fine art and paintings, maps, and lots of framed posters and prints. Look below for several sneak previews of what we'll be bringing!

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  1. I can't wait for all the new treasures we've found to be unveiled! :)