Sunday, September 11, 2016


We slept in a bit on Sunday, and fortunately so did the customers, as when we opened around 8:45 in Space 36 of Hertan's Field there were not too many folks who had beaten us to the parking lot. Things picked up rather quickly, however, and by the time the expected thunderstorms hit around 9:30 we had a tent full of shoppers. The rain continued until just after 10, forcing us to close our tent (which stayed totally dry inside - a big thanks to our new supplier Sturdy Tents in Brimfield), but once the rain subsided, all the folks who had arrived during the storm emerged from their cars, swarmed the fields, and began parting with their foldin' money. As a result, we rebounded from a disappointing Saturday to have an unexpectedly good Sunday.. and got packed up and made it home just in time for the Patriots' kickoff!
We would like to once again thank the folks at Sturdy Tents for impressing us right out of the gate, U-Haul of Wilmington for our excellent Ford Transit van, and of course David, Jerry, Roger, Mike, Scott, and all the rest of the folks who make us glad we set up at Hertan's Field! We fully intend and expect to return to Brimfield and Hertan's (and hopefully Space 36) next May! 

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