Thursday, September 6, 2018


The weather on Opening Day Wednesday and Thursday was the same - hazy, hot, & humid - but the turnout and results were quite different, as we had an excellent Wednesday, one of our best days ever (bolstered by the sale of our large Firestone sign), followed by a Thursday that saw probably the smallest Brimfield turnout we've ever seen and the lowest amount of sales we can remember. People just did not want to shop in 90 degree heat, and we ended up packing up for the day just before a few thunderstorms moved through the area. The next three days should feature temps in the 70's, perfect fall shopping weather, and we hope and expect the crowds to return in force. Find us in Space 55 in the second row of Hertan's Field from 8am each day until at least 4 in the afternoon - look for the American flags on top of our tent!

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