Saturday, August 27, 2016


This September marks the very first time we will be bringing ephemera and fine art to our front row location in Space 36 of Hertan's Field. I'll have pictures of some of the paintings and prints we'll be offering coming soon, but today's sneak preview is of several of the fine World War I and World War II posters we'll be offering starting Wednesday, September 7th at noon. We will also have some old maps and various other paper items available for sale, weather permitting. All of the below are protected in hard plastic top-loaders, making them easy to inspect and transport safely.

This classic "Christy Girl" is one of the most popular and valuable posters from World War I.

This Victory Garden poster is one our favorites from World War II and was folded away for many years so the colors are very sharp. 

This is the smaller version, fantastic condition, we also have the larger one available. 

We're not quite sure when this very uncommon bonds poster was made, we believe it is from the late 30's, just before the U.S. got involved in World War II.

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