Friday, September 5, 2014


The forecast for Saturday in Brimfield calls for rain and thunderstorms beginning at around 2pm and lasting until around midnight. We are thus strongly encouraging folks to make their way into town as early as possible tomorrow so as to beat the traffic and the expected precipitation, as many dealers will likely close up shop once the rain begins. To facilitate this, we are planning to be opening Space 165 at Hertan's Field by or before 7am, and we have gotten a number of adjacent dealers to agree to open by then as well, so we will make it worth your while to start your day at Hertan's! We are also bringing several great new items along, including several advertising signs, a Ted Williams autographed photo, and another one signed by James Garner! We will stay open as long as the weather and the flow of customers allows, and may close as early as 2pm. We'll also be there all day Sunday, 'til they kick us out!

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