Sunday, May 18, 2014


We awoke to heavy rain in Billerica on Saturday morning, but by the time we got to Brimfield the sun was already shining and folks were slowly streaming into the fields. We had been warned the night before about the possibility, nay, probability, of our tent getting flooded, so we had spent a good hour the evening before moving pretty much everything off of the floor, or at least onto tarps. Our efforts were rewarded, as although our tent did get flooded, the damage was mainly confined to the grass inside, which slowly turned to mud thru the course of the day.
Within minutes of our opening, a customer from the day before returned to buy a beautiful framed circus poster, and the deals continued into the early evening hours. We started packing up a little after 5pm and left around 8:45.
Sunday was spent unloading our vehicles and returning the rental van we got from Peter Fuller Rental & Pre-owned in Waltham. It was a Chevy Express cargo van and turned out to be perfect for our needs. We'd also like to thank the folks at Elegant Tent & Party, who provided us with a terrific DRY tent at a great price. Be sure to mention us when you call them for your next rental!
Finally, we'd like to offer our deepest thanks to David, Jerry, Roger, and all of the great folks at Hertan's Field for helping make our first Brimfield experience nothing short of terrific. They do everything the way it should be done, and we're already looking forward to our next show with them, which will either be this September or next May.
Speaking of next shows... we are considering making our Todd Farm debut on Sunday, June 1st, but that decision needs to be slept on... it's been a LONG week...

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