Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vintage Enamel-on-Steel Door Plates

We've got quite a number of cool Art Deco-era Door Plates available ONLY here on our website! Each antique sign is made of embossed steel coated with black and white enamel. They all date from roughly the 1930's, but are considered New Old Stock, as they do not seem to have ever been used; a couple of them even remain wrapped in their original wax paper. They all measure 10 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches high and have two screw holes for hanging. You will be getting the exact signs pictured so please inspect them closely. All prices INCLUDE shipping! Contact us at LovequistAntiques (at) if you'd like one (or more)!

KEEP OUT - $30


  unusual GENTS ONLY - $30

LADIES ONLY - still in wax paper - looks MINT - SOLD! 

The MEMBERS ONLY with the white back is the only sign in this lot that is not perfectly flat.
It is ever-so-slightly warped, but will still hang fine and is just $28
 The MEMBERS ONLY with the green back is GEM MINT and is $32
Buy BOTH for $55

PUSH and PULL - just $52 gets you BOTH!  

BOOKKEEPER - still in wax paper, looks flawless - $32 

 NO LOITERING - MINT, unusual black back - $32

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